Cinta Laura with Hollywood Dream in Solo

Cinta Laura is an Indonesian artist. Yesterday, she came in PTPN Radio to promote her new second album, Hollywood Dream. 

Raka Dewantara interviewed with Cinta Laura

There are 11 tracks with the dance pop genre in this album that produced with DJ Sumantris as co-producer. The same as her 1st album, Cinta Laura collaborated with KFC, SONY Music and Swara Sangkar Emas to the distribution.

One thing that I remember, she was so perfectionist and discipline. If you take her picture, she would check the result. If it bad, she would delete by herself . Ohhhhh...Yup!!! She was very tall and has white skin. OMG :p :p :p

Solo City, one of destination for promo album roadshow. At 5:00 pm. She came to KFC Solo Grand Mall to Meet and Greet with the fans, yesterday.
Ten of JakaDara, PTPN Radio's listeners had a chance got free access to join Meet and Greet and also the newest album of Cinta Laura.

Sara n Max Nata
I thought, it was a good promotion strategy. If you want to get Cinta Laura's picture and signature, you had to buy the CD Album.

Jaka Dara PTPN Radio

Wow!!! Rio Haryanto. :D ricing driver from Solo

 Who did love a  photo session???? 

Cinta Laura's Mom

Thanks for Super Big Meals, KFC

Just "Cheers" on the last time.. See u next time ^^
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